Masterpiece landscaping offers timely and complete grounds maintenance services. Annual, monthly, and seasonal contracts are available.

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Primary services offered include:


Not all plants are pruned the same way. For most plants in the home or business grounds, there may be no reason to prune unless the tree or shrubs have been damaged.

Pruning is usually considered an art form; some way to enhance or stylize the appearance of either a specimen or group of plants.

Pruning may be required to control plants size. Our staff knows when to prune, why to prune, and how to prune.

Unskilled pruning or pruning at the wrong time especially of evergreens can destroy or seriously compromise the beauty of the plant.

Some plants are pruned best in late winter.


Not all landscape plants respond similarly to fertilizers.

Not only are there a variety of formulas of fertilizers, but also types of applications and time of release of nutrients. Some plants thrive better in sandy soils, others in clay. How much, when, and what fertilizers should be used to enhance landscape plant growth? When should plants not be fertilized? Which plants require acid fertilizer?

Again, the staff at Masterpiece is widely experienced in making timely and appropriate applications to enhance the health and beauty of your landscape plants.


Vegetative mulching is applied for reasons aesthetic and practical, among them uniformity, weed and moisture control and walking paths.

These mulches may be applied almost anytime during the growing season. (We almost never recommend or apply rock chip, plastic, or rubber mulches of any kind.)


We at Masterpiece usually edge by cutting soil lines rather than applying unattractive, degradable plastics resulting in lovelier, more naturalistic garden lines.

General Cleanup:

Autumn and early spring (i.e. before the first and after the last snowfall) are the best times for grounds cleanup.

Lawn Care:

We at Masterpiece provide all general lawn care services including mowing, fertilizing and edging.

Snow Plowing:

We provide snow plowing services in the western Twincities Metro area for residential and commercial properties.

Irrigation Maintenance and Repair:

Our irrigation division services spring "start-ups" with a thourough walk through and fall "blow-outs" for winterization.  We install additions, and repair existing irrigation systems.