About Masterpiece Landscaping

about1.jpgYes. We love plants. We admit it. We love their look, their color, shapes, and textures. We love their feel and fragrance, and we know plants need care to look their best. They grow! Some plants grow very big and very fast while others creep along the soil top and give us wonderful tiny blooms.

We know not all plants are created equal. Some need more care than others. Some are more beautiful than others, and we know how to position these gems in your setting to idealize their beauty.

We love to transform home & business grounds into magnificent garden landscapes, big or small, and by doing so, we help bring a bit more beauty into all of our lives. In our landscape settings shown in our Photo Galleries section, nearly all have been created where only lawn used to be. We are not against lawn, but there should be more to life than a grounds laid out only in lawn. In the settings you see pictured here at our Web site, we at Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd. have selected and laid out all of the boulders and stone, and have placed and planted almost all of the trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Our goal is to provide landscape solutions
based on a creative, artistic foundation.

We provide an array of services. We are flexible and have monthly maintenance schedules. If you are having a gathering at your place, give us a call we will spruce things up.

Our most popular services are as follows:

    * We design and install:
          o Idealized natural settings
          o Formal gardens
          o Ponds
          o Water features
         o Landscape lighting
          o Boulder gardens
          o Garden walls, walks, and patios
    * We provide:
          o Landscape maintenance
          o Consultation
          o Lawn maintenance
          o Snow plowing service

Are you sure your grounds are as beautiful as they should be?
Give us a call at (952) 933-5777...