Residential Services

Masterpiece Landscaping offers a wide range of residential landscaping services on projects of all sizes. 

Our experience, training, and knowledge is fundamental in supporting our artistic vision, and this is the basis for producing the most beautiful and creative Landscape solutions custom fit to your home property. 

Homes and Properties throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area all have problems practical and cosmetic.  Masterpiece Landscaping approaches practical issues with artistic creativity.  Every problem can be fixed, and every project can be beautiful! 

We have extensive experience designing and installing beautiful mixed borders for privacy and sometimes just to hide "eye-sores".  We can make minor changes and improvements to add curb appeal to help your property present itself well in the neighborhood, or we can design and install an elaborate Landscape Garden full of year around beauty, providing you year around enjoyment. 

Whatever it is you are looking for- Masterpiece is confident, we can provide you with beautiful ideas and solutions.

 A patio is just a patio.  A wall is just a wall.  A garden is just a garden, and a lawn is just a lawn.   Masterpiece Landscaping takes the various existing or needed components of your home grounds and develops designs that beautifully tie each piece harmoniously to the home and its surroundings.  Your home grounds should be beautiful both when viewed from specific vantage points, as well as when you walk through.

We believe in On-Site design.  We may sketch out a design and discuss with you the major functions and structural elements, but walking through and considering multiple perspectives while the installation process is happening, allows us to make adjustments and changes that help the end result to be most beautiful.  Every plant, stone, and boulder are unique in many ways, and our design method allows us the flexibility to show the varied characteristics of each piece in the most effective and beautiful way.  We consider the lines, textures, color, form, and size of all landscape materials.  Your property should be unique from all others, and custom designed to fit you and your home.

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Please check back soon for more details on our range of capabilities. In the mean time, check out our photo galleries of completed landscape projects.

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