Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. offers professional lawn maintenance. A beautiful lawn can provide the most beautiful negative space to a Landscape setting. We offer several lawn maintenance services that will encourage your lawn to perform its best.

Lawn mowing

We recommend weekly visits for lawn mowing. We recommend cutting at approximately 3” and mulching the cuttings. This provides additional shade for the soil and roots promoting a greener lawn. Special arrangements can be made for bagging or shorted cut heights by request.

Fertilizer applications

We recommend our 4 step program beginning the season with a pre-emergent application followed by two water soluble combined fertilizer/herbicide applications ending with a winter prep fertilizer. A more or less thorough approach can be provided a-la-carte.

Herbicide Applications

We recommend reduced amounts of herbicide with a fertilizer treatment with increased frequency 2-3 times a year. Why not feed the lawn while killing the weeds? In some cases, multiple trips and specialized herbicide applications may be required to reach desired results.


The best time to over seed your lawn is in the fall combined with core aeration or power raking. Grass seed germination can be promising in the Spring as well, however the best practice is to apply a pre-emergent to help prevent seed germination and weed competition going into the growing season.


We recommend core aeration service in the Fall and especially for the 2nd season of a newly sodded lawn. Core aeration improves permeability of air and nutrients into the soil promoting greater grass health and thicker, greener lawns.