Thank you, Chris-  I'm sure glad you happened to stop at the Lunds deli that day I had that conversation with you!  Nice job!  - Vyonne {Hopkins, Mn}

Hi, you folks have spoiled me ... and educated me.  Now I see so much plain-Jane, cookie-cutter landscaping in town.  There's a lot of potential projects for you.  I hope you're getting your share of these to work on.  You deserve it. - Allen {St. Paul, Mn}

Dear Josh (and the rest of the crew at Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd.),  I can't begin to express my delight in the beautiful yard you have given me.  From our first meeting, Josh, I knew that you had a vision and would see it through to "perfection"!  I couldn't be happier with the end result and look forward to phase 2 next summer when we work on the additional property to the West.  I can't wait to move in and enjoy this on a daily basis... You out did yourself and I could not be any happier! - Adele {Roseville, Mn}

Hi everyone, thank you again for the fantastic, fabulous job you did bringing our yard back from 15 years of neglect and wildness.  It looks tremendous, and it was such a relief to leave that job to the pros.  I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer! - Kendra {Chaska, Mn)

Hi Josh, (We love it!)  I wanted to tell you how absolutely delighted we are with everything you guys did.  My favorite view is from the front yard - just looking over at the "forest" side of the yard makes me happy.  I'd really like to have you back out to make the rest of the yard look equally good. - Kendra {Chaska, Mn}

Hi Josh, Just wanted to thank you for the nice job you did on Saturday.  Everything looks so nice.  You did a great job. - Charlene {Hasty, Mn}

Hi Josh, Thanks for getting our project done before Ann returned from China.  She loves it!  And, so do our neighbors.  I only wish I had the same view of the front as my neighbors do accross the street.  I may just have a 30' x 20' mirror installed at the front edge of my yard and forget the neighbor's view! - Brian {St. Paul, Mn}

aob testimonial        Ann- {St. Paul, Mn}

Thanks for everything: To all of you who worked on our yard.                                                    Thanks again - Ginger & Charles {St. Paul, Mn}

Masterpiece,                                                                                                                                     Thanks much for your efforts to beautify my garden.                                                                 Best to all - Sandy {Minneapolis, Mn}

Josh,                                                                                                                                                 we're very happy with your work! - Mary {Minnetonka, Mn}

Thanks for a job well done! - Jake & Kathy {Minneapolis, Mn}

Thanks to all of you, our yard looks great! - Ginger {St. Paul, Mn}

Glenn,                                                                                                                                               we can't get any work done in the garden because people keep stopping and talking.  Everyone wants to come into the garden and the Arizona rock is a neighborhood favorite already. -            Pat {Minnetonka, Mn}

We could not love your landscaping any more.  Every Day we marvel at the beauty of our front yard landscaping.  We also enjoy sitting in the back yard on the flowing flagstone patio enjoying the wide variety of plantings.  There is something always blossoming in the front.  The variety of shapes of boulders and shrubs, and flowering plants, with all different shapes of leaves and shapes of plants is dazzling...Thanks again - Stu {St. Louis Park, Mn}

Oh Chris,                                                                                                                                       seriously nearly in tears today looking at our landscape and doing some spring cleaning.  I love what you guys have done for us sooooo Much!  I can't stop looking at it and how breathtaking it is at every angle. - Jen {Maple Grove, Mn}

Chris,                                                                                                                                           the Yews look great.  The rain sure helps.  Your guys did a nice job.  Have a great summer.  Cheers - MeRoy {Golden Valley, Mn}

Dear Masterpiece,

     Thank you for the terrific work you did in our back yard. When I look outside, I feel like the kid on the front of this card - absolutely ecstatic!

N.B. {Bear Path, Eden Prairie}



Josh & Mike-
Thank You! We are so thrilled with our new patio - as well as all the ideas and suggestions for what comes next. We are really excited to get some small boulders in there as well. We can't wait to see how our yard comes together over the next couple of years, And hopefully we can have you back out to put in that dry stream bed. Thanks again! - Christina & Eric

Dear Glenn-
Gary & I are pleased with the plants you've chosen for our yard - impressive! Thank you and your staff for professional work - and an inspiration to continue additional changes. - Carol Alm

Dear Mike, Josh, Glenn & Ray-
We've been enjoying our new landscape this winter. Thanks. As predicted, it has been a seasonal delight, so we've made holiday cards out of the winter vignettes. - Kurt & Sheri

Dear Glenn-
We have received so many nice compliments on our plants along the sidewalk. Another job well done by you and your fabulous team! Thank you so much. - Susan

Dear Glenn & Chris-
We just love our new landscape design! You all worked hard to achieve this beautiful art form for us. Thank you SO very much. Now we can't wait for our Spring project with you. - Susan

Dear Glenn & Chris-
Thank you for your wonderful work. As it turned out it was more than I imagined it would be when we first started. But I am very glad we did it as we will have something lovely to look at all through the winter. - Charles