Masterpiece landscaping Ltd. offers timely and complete grounds maintenance services. Quality grounds maintenance can elevate the appearance of any property and is essential in directing any beautiful landscape toward greatness as it matures. Monitoring plant heath, size and form, and directional growth should be done regularly to ensure it is contributing positively relative to the landscape setting as a whole. Regular maintenance requires much less effort than repairing a neglected landscape. Annual, monthly, and seasonal maintenance contracts can be provided.

Spring Cleanup and Maintenance

Routine services include: debris removal, trimming and pruning, touching up garden edges, fertilizing plants, applying a pre-emergent, and a shredded mulch installation.


Pruning is usually considered an art form; some way to enhance or stylize the appearance of either a specimen or group of plants. Pruning and trimming should be done to make sure your individual plants work in harmony within your landscape setting.


Plants need nutrients and water. Regular fertilizing will promote new growth and health. We apply granular and water soluble treatments.

Pre-Emergent Application

Pre-emergents such as Preen help prevent seed germination from occurring. We carefully apply pre-emergents in the right spaces to prevent weed competition in garden beds.


We install shredded mulches which provide a natural dark brown canvas beneath plant arrangements as well as retain ground moisture and breakdown into soil humus providing the best growing environment for plants.


We believe garden lines should be simply cut into the soil dividing lawn from garden. Minor edge maintenance may be required to maintain neatly flowing garden lines which should highlight the gardened spaces.\

General Clean-Up

Storms and wind can make a mess of our grounds. Removing clutter and debris allows the landscape to show its best without distraction.

Monthly Garden Maintenance

We believe regular attention to plant fertilization and weed management should take place 3-4 times during the growing season for plant health and garden beauty.

Fall Cleanup and Maintenance

We provide leaf and debris clean up in the Fall. We can haul the leaves away or re-locate them to a specified space on your grounds. This also gives a last look at your grounds before the Winter season arrives.

Winter Plant Protection

We can install temporary fencing or burlap to protect your plants from animals and sun damage. We store the fencing materials for you during the warm season.