Yes. We love plants. We admit it. We love their look, their color, shapes, and textures. We love their feel and fragrance, and we know plants need care to look their best. They grow! Some plants grow very big and very fast while others creep along the soil top and give us wonderful tiny blooms.

We know not all plants are created equal. Some need more care than others. Some are more beautiful than others, and we know how to position these gems in your setting to idealize their beauty.

We love to transform home & business grounds into magnificent garden landscapes, big or small, and by doing so, we help bring a bit more beauty into all of our lives. In our landscape settings shown in our Photo Galleries section, nearly all have been created where only lawn used to be. We are not against lawn, but there should be more to life than a grounds laid out only in lawn. In the settings you see pictured here at our Web site, we at Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd. have selected and laid out all of the boulders and stone, and have placed and planted almost all of the trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Our goal is to provide landscape solutions based on a creative, artistic foundation.

We provide an array of services. We are flexible and have monthly maintenance schedules. If you are having a gathering at your place, give us a call we will spruce things up.

Our experience, training, and knowledge is fundamental in supporting our artistic vision, and this is the basis for producing the most beautiful and creative Landscape solutions custom fit to your property.

Most homes and properties throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area have problems practical and cosmetic. Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. approaches practical issues with artistic creativity. Every problem can be fixed, and every project can be beautiful!

We have extensive experience designing and installing beautiful mixed borders for privacy and sometimes just to hide "eye-sores". We can make minor changes and improvements to add curb appeal to help your property present itself well in the neighborhood, or we can design and install an elaborate Landscape Garden full of year around beauty, providing you year around enjoyment.

Whatever it is you are looking for- Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. is confident we can provide you with beautiful ideas and solutions.

A slope may need a wall, an entry way may need a path, a patio space may benefit from a beautiful garden setting, and a garden setting may gain interest as lawn provides negative space within view. Masterpiece Landscaping takes the various existing or needed components of your home grounds and develops designs that beautifully tie each piece in harmony to the home and its surroundings. Beautiful home grounds should be inspiring whether viewed from the kitchen window or at the turn into your driveway.
We believe in On-Site design. We may sketch out a design and discuss with you the major functions and structural elements, but walking through and considering multiple perspectives while the installation process is happening, allows us to make adjustments and changes that help the end result to be most beautiful. Every plant, stone, and boulder is unique. Our design method allows us the flexibility to show the varied characteristics of each piece in its most effective and beautiful form. We consider the lines, textures, color, form, and size of all landscape materials. Your property should be unique from all others, and custom designed to fit dreams.