Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. can demo, excavate, haul materials away, and prepare your space for future projects or remove an unwanted mess. We maintain a clean working space and can convert your grounds to the appropriate status in a timely manner.

Ground clearing

We can clear and remove Buckthorn, weedy seedlings, understory brush and vegetation as well as larger trees and stumps. Whether it’s a mess to clean up or a fresh start with a blank canvas, we have the tools and equipment to clear the space.

Pool removal

Pools have a lifespan and in time, they will need major repair or replacement. If it’s time for your pool to go we can excavate the space ensuring all necessary pool elements are removed and hauled away. The process of installing a compacted clean fill brings the space back to grade and can provide the perfect environment for useable lawn and gardened space and beyond.

Tree removal

We offer tree removal and trimming with attention to care of your property and thoroughly cleaning up.

Stump removal


Final soil grade and contouring on a property is critical in controling water management, and can improve the function and appeal/interest of any property. We observe attention to detail ensuring smooth grades and controlled water management systems.