Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. has been proudly installing beautiful landscape settings throughout the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Twin Cities metro area and beyond since 1989. Our artistic approach to installing landscape gardens and its parts within are heavily influenced by an idealized naturalistic foundation. Weather your project is big or small, our experience, skill, and expertise utilizing a wide variety of products in countless applications ensures we will be able to provide you with the appropriate beautiful landscape elements as well as practical landscape function.

Landscape Garden Settings

We take a thorough approach to classical landscape design with an emphasis of beauty and the harmony of all parts within.

Artistic Plant Arrangements

We can develop parts of your grounds with plant material in stages which can still provide increasing beauty over time. The right plant or plants in the best position or positions relative to each other and the eye is the trick.

Border plantings

Usually, utilizing a mixed variety of plants to add beauty to your grounds from within as well as screening or softening everyday utility and adding privacy from the outer spaces.

Pathways, patios, walls

Hardscape installations should be interesting and provide beauty in practical function. We believe pathways, patios, and retaining walls should fit well within the themes of a setting visually, while still providing the practical utility desired.

Artistic Boulder and Stone Settings

We install artistic natural stone installations for landscape interest or slope retention. We strive to create believable stone outcroppings and bedrock settings that appear they always existed.

Slope Retention Solutions

We install stacked stone, boulder/stone outcroppings, Concrete segmented retaining walls, drain tile, and plant material as a means to retain sloped settings.
Water drainage and management solutions- Utilizing contouring, final grades, and drain tile systems, we can ensure positive water-flow away from buildings and designated spaces.

Soil, Sod, and Mulch Etc.

If it’s landscape material, we can deliver and install it.

Landscape Lighting

Our lighting installations ensure light projection where we need to see as well as artistic approaches utilizing light to highlight sections of home and landscape.