11 Jul 2009

Extend the Happier Life: Learn to Landscape Your Home Grounds

Landscaping  is primarily an art form.  One might not recognize the truth of this statement while touring  neighborhoods looking for creative ideas to use for  home or business grounds.  There is very little of the art of landscape design to be seen. Landscaping as generally practiced in this part of the country, and perhaps throughout our nation, is the business of covering the ground usually with lawn and a few shrubs somewhere, and in some areas...

01 Jul 2009

Recent Rains and Diseased Plants

Over the past four or five days I have noticed in my own garden dozens of perennials from a wide group of genera showing the same foliar disease symptoms; countless dark spots on leaves slightly to severely curled and in some cases the plants appear to have blackened leaves severely curled and falling from the plants almost denuding it.  Similar symptoms are also showing on my Black lace elderberry... I don't own a microscope or anyother...