30 Jan 2010

The February Minnesota Lanscape….Rabbits, Deer and Pruning

It is  now the February landscape in Minnesota ....thank God, I have often remarked, February is a short month. The big  Christmas snowfall  is still with us.  The normal January thaw was so brief it went by unnoticed.  This winter of 2009-2010 is so far a real winter, but so far without the minus 20-25 degrees F temperatures which used to be commonplace here during my childhood. In the city, rabbits are chewing up many...

22 Jan 2010

Beauty in the Bleak Season

One of the great advantages of living in Minnesota is the dramatic change  in the landscape from day to day and season to season.  Most of its citizens are no longer out door people,  meaning that it is  unlikely  they are aware of the full truth of this statement. There is no garden without light and people.  Light upon the garden in the North is always in a rush.  Today's "garden"  as seen, will never again return....