27 Feb 2012

A Snowstorm, the Heavy kind, Expected. Should Landscape Gardeners be Worried?

Snowfalls are great for Landscape Companies in cold climes like Minnesota who have a snowplowing business in Winter.    We,  at Masterpiece are one of them. Winter is a good time for certain kinds  of pruning, but most  gardens in these parts are in deep sleep this time of year.    Thank God for plowing driveways. I have just spent a couple hours prowling through my own gardened grounds to do some pruning and  prepare some conifers for a...

26 Feb 2012

When is a Weed a Weed?

When is a weed a weed.   When it is a dandelion? Well, maybe....usually yes, because dandelions makes a lovely lawn appear ugly, expecially when the seeds are produced.   Because the seeds are produced in such numbers, dandelions become a more noticeable weed. In our Masterpiece Landscaping dictionary,  a weed is defined as "a plant out of place". Our Masterpiece Landscape garden where I live doesn't have much  lawn.    If there are dandelions,  they occur occasionally...

21 Feb 2012


My Mother was into punishment, that is,  for me,  being her only son.    She was a driven energetic and creative human being who could give a doll to her only daughter to ensure the girl’s  disappearance from my Mother’s tasks at hand…..which were many, including some not terribly necessary from an outsider’s point of view.  I don’t think she ever experienced a bored thirty seconds in her lifetime even on her death bed.  I have learned through these,  my...

18 Feb 2012

The Landscape Garden

What is a Landscape Garden? "The garden has long been perceived as the highest, most perfect form of all art creations, the one closest to God and bearing the imagery of paradise itself. Indeed, the timeless quote, "One is closest to God in the garden," has been the splendid pleasure driving countless generations to transform the land into garden. No matter how pleasurable, how physically and spiritually rewarding working the vegetable garden and nurturing the...

13 Feb 2012

Wow! A Twin City Winter Without a January and February!

There  may be some global warming folks, but it was not caused by mankind and will not be a threat to human existence nor the Earth itself.    Do you remember that terrifying 8.9 earthquake  last March off northeastern Japan?   Well, it seems it tampered with the length of an Earth day a bit.    Read the following article from SPACE.com: HOW THE JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE SHORTENED DAYS ON EARTH "The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan Friday...

10 Feb 2012

A Tale of Two Winters

  The present winter, the one without a January and February, has been an agitating  one.   We've been waiting winter's arrival since November 13th , the  anniversary of the 25-35 inch snowfall the year before; the winter without any thaw in both  January and February.    The snow kept coming down and piling up around us. Landscape gardens disppeared, hibernating under the snow until mid March a year ago.     I couldn't walk my grounds all snow...