The present winter, the one without a January and February, has been an agitating  one.   We’ve been waiting winter’s arrival since November 13th , the  anniversary of the 25-35 inch snowfall the year before; the winter without any thaw in both  January and February.    The snow kept coming down and piling up around us.

Landscape gardens disppeared, hibernating under the snow until mid March a year ago.     I couldn’t walk my grounds all snow season.  

I did make a try once, but my little hills and valleys of the terrain of my landscape grounds had been visually  made a Siberian plain from property line to property line.

About a year ago as I was trekking slowly al0ng what I was guessing as the garden path along my pond, my left leg pulled my body downward as if in quicksand,  pushing through the  pristine snow making me sink up to almost to my belly button,.   However surprising the descension, it was a slow maneuver, a pleasant, comfortable maneuver.   But it left  my right leg  securely and very firmly still  positioned on the high ground where my full  body had been only a moment ago.

The snow made me do the splits.   Fortunately for me the snow also stopped me from splitting.

The scene  made me laugh.  I looked ridiculous.   The length of  the left side of  my body was  parallel to the snow line but buried a couple feet  into the snow.     That same  body was lying over my left arm making it immoveable, hand and all.   My left ear was  even with the snowline, its mate on the other side positioned  skyward enjoying the warmth of the  Sun.  

 It was a sunny day, and I had been  in a sunny mood, after all I had sunk into snow rather than quicksand.  It was a first in my life.

It didn’t take long for me to discover I couldn’t move anything.   I had become almost completely mummified by the snow.    My right leg and right arm seemed glued together.   I wasn’t hurting anywhere.   My profoundly split legs  were safely encased  in snow,  so there was no pain at all in that area between them.   Only my head and right shoulder to its elbow remained above the snowline.   

I was quite comfortable….still laughing, and very glad no one had seen  my performance.   I could still  see the house about two hundred yards on the other side of the pond and then realized what I had done.   

I had miscalculated the route of the pond path and had  fallen into the embankment of snow which had built up  drifting over the pond by five or six  feet thinking it was Mother Earth’s terra firma.

I felt foolish all of the half hour or more it  took  me to dig myself  out.   Only  one hand was available, but only  barely available.    I couldn’t get any leg or body strength because my legs were split and the body was suspended  by the snow.   I couldn’t get any leverage.

I was held in suspension, both body and mind.    The old body gets a bit cold rather quickly wrapped up in snow.

As of today, I think this winter has produced a total of eight inches of snow instead of the six feet and more collected last year.   Only  about a half inch of it remains and then only  where there is shade.

This year’s version of winter has allowed me to  ‘work’ in the garden nearly every day pruning a little clean up here and there,  mostly on hemlocks, junipers, yews and arborvitaes.   Nothing major, just a few hair cuts to clean up the forms.    I did get rid of a few Aralia spinosissima ‘trees’  to keep the clump more or less under control.

I like both winters…..Especially today’s winter.   The temperatures all winter have been above zero, Fahrenheit.   What a gift!