18 Mar 2015

Another Masterpiece in St. Paul, Mn… …….

Today we live in an ugly moment in our human experience in which beauty of artform has disappeared. There are many causes for this, political, anti-religious, lack of education, learning, training, and practice. One does not matriculate into American universities these days to discover anything about beauty much less to learn how to achieve creating that which might be uplifting to the SOUL. "The blind cannot lead the blind", or "You can't milk a turnip",...

11 Mar 2015

March: Our Ugliest Month of the Landscape Garden Year

Most homeowners in our Minnesota communities ignore landscape gardens. Lawn and a shade tree in the middle of the front lawn, mud in the shadier depths, and the foundation plantings habits fits their needs for the duration. Probably most homeowners are poorer now than they have been for more than a decade. They endure living in their sterile environment. More females mow lawns these days than ever. The American husband population from coast to coast...