22 Aug 2012

Just a Note about Masterpiece Clients

I believe I write for all of us at Masterpiece that this landscape season we have had a wonderul group of new clients to add to our company's family of beautiful grounds. At a group of over 75 clients who gathered at our home grounds last Thursday I asked our clients how many were offered a plan by Masterpiece as we began our landscape projects at their homes. I knew the answer, of course. I...

21 Aug 2012

What Happened to the Minnesota Plant Police?

We learn these days from university that certain plants are evil. Their school room instructors demand the public help the sainted to rid our pristine world of certain things foul. Many of us humans are not quite yet actually on their lists, but a lot of plants are. We learn which ones both from people in politics and from neighbors with public enthusiasm who seek purpose in life. For twenty years now university disciples, people...