31 Jan 2012

The Delivery of a Fawn

   I just now came across this beautiful video of one of God’s beauties  of life, the Delivery of a Fawn.     It reminded me of one of the most inspiring sights of my life some fifteen or twenty years ago which occurred in my own home landscape garden one Spring. As you know, I am by profession, a landscape gardener.    I  have planted and nursed a beautiful setting  on my homegrounds since I and  my family  moved...

25 Jan 2012

Garden paths through the Beautiful Winter Garden of Snow Flowers

How many times  a day do you enjoy walking your garden paths? Have you noticed how much more fulfilling these  walks are in winter than in any other season of the year?    There may be less color;  the fragrances are fewer or more hidden; the sounds are clearer in the particular, but silent in the mass, more than the other  six months of each year.   However, in  no other  daytime can the forms of the uprights show...

13 Jan 2012

2012 – The Winter without a January

at least thus far fellow Northlanders..... Previous to yesterday the vast majority of my grounds was bare of snow.   Where snow did exist, there was no accumulation, but only a dusting here or there in areas beyond the reach of the Sun. As most of you readers know, I am thoroughly in favor of our Twin Cities moving into Horticultural zone 5.   In some grounds we are almost there, but msot of those grounds are...

05 Jan 2012

Landscape Garden Life among the Coyote

I have coyote preying on my grounds.   The resident couple have produced a pup.   We seldom see these folks, but they are there and we have quicky pictures to prove their settlement. In the thirty eight years of my residency here in suburban Minneapolis , I have been able to create and maintain a beautiful  classic landscape garden.   We live in a climate in which winter is the major landscape season, as long as all...