As you know, I am by profession, a landscape gardener.    I  have planted and nursed a beautiful setting  on my homegrounds since I and  my family  moved  here in 1974.   

One morning that decade or two    ago  shortly after dawn,  I was walking along a path slightly downhill rather dreamily   to a pond to  plant some perennials along its  path.   It was a dead quiet time of a gorgeous Minnesota  morning.

I heard  a  srange noise…..a kind of a whine,   a ‘hhheeeeeeeheeee’ to my left.   

Wow!  Here, nearly next to me was this full grown doe standing  among some shrubs blending into the scenery  without moving a muscle!   She was holding her ground!   

I was shocked!….. She repeated her noise, and again  didn’t retreat and run off  as would always be the deer habit on my grounds.  

She was looking to my right and appeared more puzzled than afraid.    And then I spied what caused her not to run.    Still mostly in its placenta sac, lying among the garden leaves, was this peculiar object poking and poking.  

I have never talked to this particular  kind of  deer before, except to yell, “SCRAM….GET OUT OF HERE!” when one  would chew on my yews.    This meeting was different.    I appologized out loud profusely to her, and slowly backed up along the path on which  I had arrived.

I was afraid she might abandon ‘the thing’.    That  this was a fawn poking around, was clear.  But to me,  it was still  ’a thing’.  

 I backed up to snoop  from behind a small oak, to see  what  ‘mom’ would do.

I was thrilled as she became calm and slowly moved toward her ‘baby’.    She chewed away the remaining sac and began licking its content which was still poking its legs here and there.  

In a few minutes ‘the thing’   stood up and wobbled  just as you see it on the video.    Mom licked a bit more as baby moved left and then right.   After another few minutes baby, now fawn,  started looking cocky and proud, and after a nudge from mom’s nose…..they took off together through my grounds  as if they had been friends  for years.  

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