19 Aug 2015

The Big Four Essentials for Garden Plant “Happiness”…from Masterpiece experience

Sun, water, soil, and nutrients  are the basic essentials for healthy garden plant growth.....Once again:  SUN, WATER, SOIL, NUTRIENTS for plant and YOUR happiness!!! Sun:   Not all garden plants, either  woody or  herbaceous,  prefer full sun.   Others disdain deep shade.   Full sun might burn sensitive plants' leaves, turning them ugly brown or pathetic yellow.   Deep shade  advances diseases on wet leaves which are sensitive to rot.    Nearly every perennial plant,...

15 Aug 2015

Thank you Masterpiece Fans and Friends for Your Loyalty and Friendship

There is something special about the character accompanying folks who beautify the Earth with beautiful grounds.   Few of the sixty plus  client visitors to our  past Thursday's Masterpiece Garden  Party  know one another.    The evening was heavy of air but fortunately,  without rain. Gardens draw  friendships together.   We all had a common bond .....to transform our grounds.  Conversations  and laughter  and addresses  were shared. Without question the garden  plant  of  Party talk...

01 Aug 2015

But, Homeowners Know Nothing about the ART of Landscape Gardening

........and unfortunately neither do most commercial  landscapers and professors at Departments of Horticulture at state universities. Landscape gardening in the  present American world is considered among the lowest of lows among common human occupations.   Even school janitors at all levels of American labor are  more highly respected. Anyone can put a plant in the ground or mow lawns goes the  talk  in today's   American cultural jungle.......and  what is observed in most neighborhoods in...