29 Sep 2011

The Trouble with Trees

What is a 'tree' to the general Minnesota  public?    Most people would not think of defining it, answering something like "a woody perennial plant usually of fewer than five upright stems".  If asked, most people will answer, "an elm".....or "a maple" or 'oak'.....not thinking that a White Pine and Colorado Spruce are also trees.    So is a redbud and a pagoda dogwood, and even a winged euonymus, which is usually sold as a shrub at your...

09 Sep 2011

A Listing of Ten Terrific Conifers for the Twin City Landscape Garden

The most important woody plants for any Minnesota  landscape garden are  the  conifer evergreens.  If you were to ask most Minnesotans, the garden aware or not, what the longest landscape season in  Minnesota might be, they would be confused, hesitant, unsure how to answer, rather than think first and reveal the answer everyone knows....WINTER! In fact our Minnesota winter is equal to all of its  other landscape seasons, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, combined.    Here in the Twin Cities...

01 Sep 2011

Fall is a Good Time to Plant

Yes, Autumn is a good time to plant.....especially in September.  I admit I prefer Spring as the best time for planting most of the more permanent garden material.   One can better view when something is going wrong with spring planted material. I usually don't recommend landscape gardeners go hunting for bargains when  looking for  principal plants, the most important trees and shrubs of your landcape picture.    Yet, let's admit it, most of us who are "taken"...