Yes, Autumn is a good time to plant…..especially in September.  I admit I prefer Spring as the best time for planting most of the more permanent garden material.   One can better view when something is going wrong with spring planted material.

I usually don’t recommend landscape gardeners go hunting for bargains when  looking for  principal plants, the most important trees and shrubs of your landcape picture.    Yet, let’s admit it, most of us who are “taken” by plants are often “taken” by plants even if we know  nothing about them……at any lower price or accept freebies from friends or ‘enemies’ for that matter…….Enemies  being  persons who offer to sell you or give you Aegopodium….the perennial ‘Snow on the Mountain’ for your gardened grounds.

Not all plants are equal.

I am trying to think of any groupings or individual plants that should not be planted in Fall.   None come to mind and I don’t have any vibes that I am forgetting any.

Some plants are better transplanted this time of year.   September is the best time to transplant Peonies, for instance.    As a rule fleshy rooted perennials are better transplanted in Fall, and skinny  rooted ones in the Spring.

Of  course I am hooked on buying expensive plants this time of the year  for my own landscape grounds, if I see a bargain for a plant I am particularly curious about and is on sale…….or any time of the growing season for that matter.   I confess I am  a plantaholic…..I buy with self interest and pleasure whether I need the plant fix and have  the money for it or not.

For the uninitiated to this dilemma, plantaholism is a major disease among landscape gardeners and others who play in their home grounds soil.

Some folks are fat because they eat too much or eat the wrong foods.   Some gardens are fat because their caretakers buy too much or buy the wrong plants.