22 Feb 2013

Beauty in the Well Planned Minnesota Landscape Repeats Itself

Three to five inches of light gentle snow settled once again upon our Twin City Minnesota landscapes again last night stretching to a few moments ago. It is still cloudy. There are no shadows, no forms performing radiantly on stage showing off their grace and form, their dark and white, the purity of beauty equal to Nature's best. Gray it may be, but the purity for beauty is just as gracious, just as awesome, quieter,...

14 Feb 2013

Morning, February 14, 2013 Unsurpassed Beauty in the Northern Landscape Garden

Today, February 14, 2013, our Northland's Twin Cities' landscape, the good and the bad, is overwhelmed by the most beautiful ourdoors the human eye and mind can perceive. The description "breath-taking" belittles the glory of the scenery. No matter how beautiful a day can be here or anywhere on Earth, none can surpass Mother Nature's canvas this morning..... At this moment , four hours after sunrise, after a nightfall of four to five inches of...