13 Aug 2013

What is Weed to You?

In our modern America such a question might have been asked in a court room, school room, a family kitchen, office room, or laboratory. I, thank God, arrived at a different generation with far different thoughts, beliefs and values. I was very lucky. "Weed" when I was young was more like an order. "Time for you to go out and 'weed' the garden", Mother used in verb form. The word in noun form referred to...

28 May 2013

Rain, Rain, and More Rain….but Beautiful, if Brief, Landscape Gardens

Spring arrived for a day or two several weeks ago and apparently didn't like the setting. It yielded to cold and rain, rain, and more cold.....and made the color gray exceedingly dull, the only color in town. Unless, that is, you have a bunch of healthy conifers decorating the world around your residence. Add a number of flowering shrubs and trees and you have indeed become blessed this Spring. And then, there are the ground...