28 Apr 2015


The Spring  lacing of deciduous tree foliage is about to begin in a day or two here in our Twin City landscape gardening area.  It's the time when our  major evergreen conifers no longer overwhelm our  winter's six month  landscape dominating the deciduous ghosts of Winter.  My 60 foot Red Maple is already  overwhelmed with young leaves and countless bloom clusters causing the first sign of casting  its shade.   A taller cottonwood, one-third of...

17 Apr 2015

The Spring Gardened Grounds……Radiant Already (If you planned ahead)

Chionodoxa, Siberian Squill, Crocus, Puschkinia, Eranthis, the early tulips,  even certain Narcissus are all  bulbs in bloom as of this date in my grounds.  Most of the Snowdrops have already passed their time.  These  Dutch bulbs, as they are called, are sold by the bulb in September and October when they are planted for the coming season bloom.  Hyacinths, Ornithagalum  and most of the taller tulips and Narcissus  usually  arrive in bloom  two weeks or...

08 Apr 2015

Too Much Lawn on your HOME GROUNDS?

There can be  no doubt that a well manicured  lawn  on one's outside home grounds  is as beautiful as a stunning Oriental Carpet is  on the inside of a person's domain.  Yet, if left alone in a vast room of nothing else, how winsome can they really ever  be if they lie  alone in their space? One carpet requires  great human effort to maintain its beauty, which actually includes another art form, the clipping  of the...

06 Apr 2015

The Landscape Garden as an Art Form in our Northland

Fewer and fewer Americans engage in 'monkeying around ones grounds' these days. Fewer and fewer Americans can identify five plants growing on their property or grounds near by. Fewer and fewer people bother tending to 'gardens'. More and ever more Americans live all of their lives just a few feet above asphalt. Fewer and fewer Americans have children.....We now import them for political as well as economic reasons. Botany is no longer taught at school....at...