Chionodoxa, Siberian Squill, Crocus, Puschkinia, Eranthis, the early tulips,  even certain Narcissus are all  bulbs in bloom as of this date in my grounds.  Most of the Snowdrops have already passed their time.  These  Dutch bulbs, as they are called, are sold by the bulb in September and October when they are planted for the coming season bloom.  Hyacinths, Ornithagalum  and most of the taller tulips and Narcissus  usually  arrive in bloom  two weeks or more after these early bloomers.  Don’t forget  the  Narcissus are NOT rabbit food.  The same cannot be said of other bulbs.

This is an early  Spring season for our greater Twin City, Minnesota geography,  running about two garden  weeks ahead of average bloom and leaf out  time.  Bloodroot and Pachysandra  opened bloom  this past Tuesday , the same day leaf buds on the mature, 6’x6′  Golden Carousel Barberry  began  opening,  always producing a winsome sight as if  sparkling gold  in the sun…..  stardust   exploding.  Merrill Magnolia is already  in full white fragrant  bloom.  Almost all of the conifers, especially the arborvitaes,  are also showing off their spring- season sheen celebrating the end of their long winter nap.

This is the time of year, a brief time at that, when these  healthy evergreen  conifers claim  command of the landscape, their greatest color  dominance of the tree world.  It is when they are in full open bud  when they are  most  colorful.  It will be yet another three weeks, depending upon sun and temperature, before our  largest deciduous shade  trees begin their rule  of mass green, their  size and shade  to  govern the landscape until leaf fall in October and November.

If Minnesota home dwellers didn’t love to  mow  lawn so much, they  might pay closer attention to the world of garden  plants,  and having planted the exceptional ones,  come to become intoxicated by    the constant daily alterations of  the beauty  they produce on the grounds where they live.   If a broader variety of plants were displayed wisely and artfully,  we would all recognize that   Landscape Gardening is supposed to be an artform. the most cherished artform of them all.

Lawn has a place in the home grounds.  It is the carpet of  human outdoor life.   When our American cities began to grow, lawn was primary in its function to announce to every home owner, they now lived in the civilized city surrounded by people instead of trees,   prairies, and the wildings competing with them  for food and flesh.

We at Masterpiece Landscaping invite visitors including  garden club groups to schedule  a visit to our home grounds near Hopkins, Minnesota, by calling us at 952-933-5777 for a guided tour.