22 May 2016

Masterpiece Home Grounds Open House Thursday of This Week

Masterpiece clients, friends, followers, helpers, and 'newbies' are all welcomed to join our Masterpiece Landscaping family Open Garden  at our home grounds, this Thursday,  May, 26, 2016,  from 4 PM to dark..... Usually this event occurs in August, not always the most spectacular show time to display outstanding  landscape beauty in our Minnesota. In beautifying the landscaped garden world, May is the most beautiful, the most fragrant, colorful, inspiring refreshing season of the year in our...

22 Jul 2015

When Should the Ideal Landscape Garden be at its Best?

When, at what season, does, should,  your landscape garden radiate its most inspiring  beauty? The answer is simple......Whenever you enter your Garden of Eden. I have lived at my grounds for over 40 years, long enough to be able to do,  genetically, mentally, physically, and culturally, what I was driven to do, planting and maintaining a beautiful  landscape garden  in some form or another. I have been very, very fortunate in life, and have many...

05 Jan 2012

Landscape Garden Life among the Coyote

I have coyote preying on my grounds.   The resident couple have produced a pup.   We seldom see these folks, but they are there and we have quicky pictures to prove their settlement. In the thirty eight years of my residency here in suburban Minneapolis , I have been able to create and maintain a beautiful  classic landscape garden.   We live in a climate in which winter is the major landscape season, as long as all...

18 Jul 2010

What Is This Thing Called “Weed”

No, not the stuff the foolish  smoke!  The stuff  that grows where folks don't want the stuff to grow. To the Landscape Garden artist there is only one definition for the word, "weed"..... A Weed is a Plant Out of Place!       That is the definition, the whole definition,  and nothing but the definition......to the Landscape Gardener. In my landscape garden the plants out of place most everywhere are tree seedlings....sugar maples, red maples, elm, Ohio buckeye,...