13 Aug 2010

What Catalogs Don’t Tell Us About Mature Conifer Plant Sizes

I am looking at a nursery wholesale catalog....a guide which carries a paragraph or less to inform the unknowing a bit about the nature of the plant.  Information located there is made available by a number of sources.  It could be from the original plant propagator, a plant salesman, or a university professor in the horticultural department. In the landscape artist's world knowing names of individual plants is seldom important, except perhaps for billing.  Plants...

06 Aug 2010

Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas)

Last year I had a grounds crowded with Korean Angelica.  I wasn't pleased with the location of the various populations.   I have grown Gigas now for about 8 years.  We are  at a point where I limit the number of those permitted to mature to about 400.  Well, 200 plus, anyway.  I have removed over 300 not counting the seedlings which keep popping up all summer.   Fortunately, they are easy to cull or transplant. Then,...

02 Aug 2010

The Disappearance of Beauty and the Landscape Garden

Our company, Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd., was invited to participate in a Garden Party last Thursday.  It was a fund raiser for the Friends of Roseville Parks held at the lovely grounds of Tom and Mona Dougherty.  Over 300 people attended.  There were many programs offered to provide entertainment and learnings to the attendees.  I and Mike Berg of our Masterpiece staff were among the speakers. I wanted to emphasize the importance of beauty as the...