16 Nov 2012

Pruning……”Tuning” to Improve Harmony in the Landscape Garden

The Art of Landscape Garden is, of course, a Visual art form. So is 'Magic!' These are similar expressions, both being visual 'trickery'......The 'artists' want to control what the eye is to see, or what the brain thinks the eye preceives. In the ideal the art of landscape gardening should be to the eye, what Beethoven's compositions are to the ear. To the vast majoirty of home owners the grounds around the home they own...

15 Nov 2012

Pruning, Beautfying the Landscape Garden in Late Fall

Two years ago November 13, a Saturday, my landscape grounds was buried under 32 inches of heavy, icy snow. Damage to white pines and arborvitaes accompanied the event.. I cannot remember last year's advent of winter. It was uneventful. Usually, the first snowfall is among the most beautiful, here in Vikingland. Especially if it is a dry one of about five inches of snow for a good white topping causing no tipping of pyramidal conifers....

01 Nov 2012

A Word or Two about Ginkgo biloba

I have a 70 foot Ginkgo biloba at the east border of my landscape garden. The following diary of events is visually, one of the most spectaclar events of the garden's landscape calendar. The normal Ginkgo biloba growing in a happy location is a big, big tree. A generation or two ago here in the Twin Cities there was one 25 foot Gb of note growing at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis proper. It was considered...