28 Jun 2010

The Disappearance of Seeking Beauty in Modern America

Over the past century and a half  western societies have suffered from the rise of the omnipotent university.  As the university populations increase,  the individual human imagination  decreases and the art of  creating beauty disappears.  Some university art education critics claim the human mind becomes programmed. The "feelings' of the individual become institutionalized.  What one absorbs  and attempts to understand or  respond to in inspiration....become  numbed.  The quest to achieve that which is beautiful dies. Beauty has...

20 Jun 2010

Classical Landscape Garden Open For Public View

Our home grounds at Masterpiece is a classical landscape garden.....One enters its realm to retire from the present time and world.  With every move forward into the gardened grounds there are windows to view distant arrangements  and grand paintings to admire.  One is magnificently alone among Nature in its ideal.  Not the  only  ideal, but one of an endless possibilities for the ideal.  The sunny setting provides sharp colors and bright contrasts.   The temperature falls 15...

15 Jun 2010

The Landscaped Grounds of Metropolitan Minnesota

If you and I were to walk up and down the sidewalks of the city or streetsides of suburbia, it is likely we could give a pretty good listing of the personalities of the homeowning folks  who live there.  Many years ago I taught landscape classes at the University of Minnesota's Extension Service.  For the winter landscaping class, we added a bus tour to drive along many communities to tell my story about the art of...