30 Jul 2016

Aralia spinosa

One of my favorite woodies in my gardened grounds is Aralia spinosa....(Aralia spinosissima).   About forty years ago it arrived in my possession around mid- August,    I had a large vegetable garden and was beginning  my artistic landscaping of my  property  nearly 90% of which was covered by a mediocre lawn. I was director of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society then.  Our office was located on the St. Paul University of Minnesota Agricultural School...

14 Jul 2016

The Disappearance of the Beautiful throughout Today’s American Art

Some things heard and/or seen are simply more beautiful than others.....in the eyes and ears of the normal, that is.....Psychotics live on a different planet 'normally'.   Beethoven's adagios make the recordings of noise at your local super market sound like dead skunks stink. No one listens to anything Beethoven anymore.    What is celebrated as music today  is  noise to the ear as the fragrance a well used summer  out house is to the...

04 Jul 2016

I was born to Landscape Garden

No one could have loved a career more than I, Glenn Herbert Ray, now approaching his 82nd year of life.   For you readers to bear "witness", it's 5:30 PM this moment as I sit at  the computer after spending ten straight hours "working" my landscaped home grounds to maintain and increase its beauty.   My cartilage-less knees are killing me at this moment.  It was this pain which put an end to my  today's...