22 Mar 2013

Among the Best People in the World are Those Who Garden Their Grounds

If there are 1,243,772 pieces of knowledge necessary to command ones personal computer, I know about 17 and a half. I spent years fighting the idea of placing my face in front of an invention with a screen that was even more vacuous than what usually appears on television. Eventually, I discovered that I was wrong.....but I was too late along in life for me to recover from lost time gathering computer expertise. Nevertheless, the...

21 Mar 2013

When to Cut Back “Used” Perennial Foliage to Embellish the Winter Landscape

Preparing for your ideal winter landscpe garden is begun in late fall before the first snowfall. This is particularly true of your landscape garden is more the feature of your grounds than lawn. Lawn is normally flat grounds. Although it certainly supplies negative space in winter as in summer, when it occupies large sweeps of grounds, lawn doesn't bear captivating shadows in winter because it IS flat. My 2/3rds of an acre of grounds, nearly...

17 Mar 2013


I visit my landscape garden almost every day of the year. After all, I do live in paradise on Earth. Even if not perfectly planned, the pleasures topped by inspiration and gratitude however selfish they may seem, are almost incomparable in life's experience even competing with the joys of the family, and offering easier solutions when things go wrong. I have made a list of plants during these winter walks while examining my various gardened...