If there are 1,243,772 pieces of knowledge necessary to command ones personal computer, I know about 17 and a half. I spent years fighting the idea of placing my face in front of an invention with a screen that was even more vacuous than what usually appears on television.

Eventually, I discovered that I was wrong…..but I was too late along in life for me to recover from lost time gathering computer expertise. Nevertheless, the 17 and a half pieces of knowledge I do know about the computer, I know well.

For most of the time I have been writing articles for this Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd blog site, I was rather depressed about the absence of commentary from readers. How unlike gardeners of any type, I thought…..and kept thinking. But, I love what I do and enjoy writing and talking about what I have discovered from my years of Landscape Gardening. I like sharing this good fortune of knowledge.

It turned out that among the things about the computer I didn’t know was that good people, good souls, and fellow gardeners HAD been emailing with comments to make about the blog articles, but I was unaware of the space at this computer where these comments arrived…..until company compatriot, Josh Perlich discovered the articles yesterday, 194 of them, which until this discover went unanswered.

I want to thank all of you who have enjoyed these articles as much as I have for your remarks, comments, humor, and other gardener charms which go along with the nature of such animals. I think that among the very best people in the world are those who garden the soil around where they live. It has something to do with a deep soul being revealed in full public. I shall try to list all of the names, in time to thank for their commentary beginning with the following gardeners: Gert, Nikki, Peerless, Heather, Jennica, Jahlin, Jaycee, Aspen, Tisha, Wind, Mark, Dorie, Estella, Lola, Lettie, Stretch, Takeo, Jeannie, Vianca, Infinity, Sukey, Adele, and Darrence….for starters.

Please continue to write in and do include questions along with your comments which will help you enjoy succeeding in your Landscape Gardening, God’s greatest artform to mankind.
Thanks again. glenn ray, christian ray, josh perlich and all the folks at masterpiece