28 Mar 2012

Have You Had Your Watering System Installed, Yet?

For those of you who have visited our Materpiece home  grounds in Minnetonka you often comment how lush everything appears  to be.    I do too.   First, by the luck of the  'home' draw where I live, the soil nearly throughout the grounds is loamy and deep.   Second, I have only a nine minute lawn mowing reponsibility here leaving 90% of the land space, minus house, garage, and driveway, 'open' country for landscape gardening.  I then have...

26 Mar 2012

The Spring following the Winter without a January or February

It is cold today....for this Spring, that is.....windy and 40 degrees F. ......a  normal Spring after a normal Winter, but not for a winter without a January and February, that is this past  season of little precipitation and no traditional Minnesota wind and cold.   Last year we wouldn't have noticed. Checking out our landscape grounds, I noticed last Saturday, March 24, 2012,  that the following are now  in bloom performance:      Merrill Magnolia,  Leonard Messell Magnolia,  Weekend Forsythia,...

18 Mar 2012

Why Today’s Cultural Disdain for the Landscaping Industry?

I have never been to Japan, but have spent almost a year of my life  roaming around the traditional landscape gardens of  England, Scotland and Wales.   I moved from one paradise on to another, again and again.   The United Kingdom government is interested in accruing money for the National welfare, and know full well, the art of the Landscape Garden is the Kingdom's most cherished art form.....financially, in  numbers of visitors to these Edens, and historically the...

06 Mar 2012

The Storm Came; The Storm Dumped; The Storm Conquered

The most beautiful winter landscape garden in my thirty eight years of  living here in Minnetonka occurred this winter, 2011-2o12.   In this the first winter without a January or February in the Twin Cities to my knowledge, there was little snow, no rain, and no cold.    The yellows of the golden chamaecyparis, sunkist and yellow ribbon arborvitaes, the plum of the Andorra junipers, blues of the Dwarf Colorado blue spruce and even the blue pfitzers...