I believe I write for all of us at Masterpiece that this landscape season we have had a wonderul group of new clients to add to our company’s family of beautiful grounds.

At a group of over 75 clients who gathered at our home grounds last Thursday I asked our clients how many were offered a plan by Masterpiece as we began our landscape projects at their homes.

I knew the answer, of course. I sought the drama and the following laughter.

No one, of course, raised their hand. It is our job to provide our clients with as much beauty as the money available can provide. And, we usually work in stages.

We do interview homeowners regarding their interests and expectations. Do they entertain? Do the plan to live the rest of their lives in their present home? Do they have children? Do they like stone, boulders, and if so, with what kind of look?

Most home grounds in the Twin City area are not well landscaped.

Most home owners beg for low maintenance……Most of our clients gain interest to play in the gardened grounds after we have developed them. If one owns beauty one usually wants to keep it beautiful.

Most Twin Citians are not familiar with the wide variet of plant material now available for the Minnesota home grounds.

We encourge that they review projects we have already been developing…..and remind them that Gardens, like People, gain Character with Age.
Beauty is not culturally or educationally valued in America presently. We live in a time when we are supposed to be made equal one to another, leaving beauty out of thinking.

If something is deemed beautiful, it automatically suggests that something is less beautiful.

Everything deemed equally beautiful is by definition equally ugly. Huge boulders of equal size are equally small.

We have had a good month…..and have landscaped for the finest of people for whom we have worked for the very first time. One sent us the following email just yesterday.

It reads:

“Thought I would share that tonight three of the neighbors stopped by because they wanted to see your work. They loved everything and thought it was so peaceful and different! Six of the kids were playing on all of the rocks around the fire pit! They all loved it….and we do too! It turned out so much better than we anticipated! The really neat thing is that it looks as beautiful from our basement windows as it does from our deck and standing in the back yard!

By the way, all of the guys were so friendly. I worked from home for a couple of hours on a couple of different times this week and got the chance to say hello to your crew. They were so courteous and wanted our thoughts and to make sure we liked the placement of the plants and watering system. Absolutely amazing service…and your guys are very proud and knowledgeable about their work!”

Are the grounds where you live or work as beautiful as you believe they should be?

If not, why don’t you give us a call, too…..952 933 5777