01 Jul 2009

Recent Rains and Diseased Plants

Over the past four or five days I have noticed in my own garden dozens of perennials from a wide group of genera showing the same foliar disease symptoms; countless dark spots on leaves slightly to severely curled and in some cases the plants appear to have blackened leaves severely curled and falling from the plants almost denuding it.  Similar symptoms are also showing on my Black lace elderberry... I don't own a microscope or anyother...

26 Jun 2009

Winter Burn and the 2008-09 Winter

I have lived at my present property for 35 years.  Until the winter of 2007-08 none of the evergreens on my property suffered from the dreaded winter burn on evergreens. Evergreens most susceptible to this malady are yews, certain junipers, and arborvitae.  Symptoms show damaged foliage on the south and/or southwest side of the plant above the snow line.  In some cases nearly the entire plant is browned out. The cause is usually blamed on...

17 Jun 2009

Scheduling Dilemma

Weather and expanding projects have caused us to postpone prior commitments.  We are doing all we can to keep you all happy, and we appreciate your patience.

27 May 2009


Welcome to the Masterpiece Landscapers' Blogsite, the conversation channel primarily for clients and friends and potential clients of Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd. We at Masterpiece will supply timely information which hopefully will help readers improve their landscaping skills, knowledge of plants, and love for the classic art of landscape gardening.  Readers will supply us with appropriate and timely questions, and hopefully will share with us some of their landscaping experiences.  Together, all of us at Masterpiece  believe we will help create a...