03 May 2012

Pruning the Conifers…..

The following observations are made for the general not the specific regarding pruning conifers. It is far better for the growth and health of conebearing  plants if pruning is accomplished in our Northland community before the first  of June of each year.    Some conifers are fussier than others about pruning. GENERALLY, then, you might   find it easier to remember  the pruning requirements of both groups by calling the candle producers  the 'fussy'     and  those which  do not produce candles, the not fussy....

29 Apr 2012

Some Points about Pruning……Chapter I

Spring is probably the best time to 'prune' plant material in your garden, especially if your garden is a landscape garden..   I am about to give a demonstration for a dear client and friend of mine in her landscape garden Masteripiece installed about four or five years ago.    The 'show' will be also attended by her neighbor.    I shall have to rush. The vast majority of homeowners nearly everywhere in these parts of the good...

02 Nov 2011

Why is our 2011 November landscape garden so Beautiful?

If you have been 'playing'  in your landscape garden the past month you may have noticed that this October of our year, 2011, was special.....If so, why? My grounds throughout is at its most colorful best this early November   than  in all the 37 years I have lived here in the Hopkins area.  It is a landscape garden about 1/2 acre in size, laid out over the years by my passion to create beauty in...

14 Feb 2011

Schedule for your Rose “Family” Tree Prunings in February and March

As we have mentioned before some of our favorite flowering and fruiting trees here in the Northland are members of the Rose family.....Anything "Prunus" , the plums, pears, apricots, and cherries, and "Malus" , the apples and crabapples.  Add to this list the Mountain Ashes, Sorbus, and the Hawthorns, Crataegus.   There are a number of shrubs in the Rose family as well, cotoneaster and ninebark, for example, but their value in the garden rarely rises...

16 Nov 2010

The November 13, 2010 Snowstorm

In the 36 years of living at my grounds all of the damage ever done to my landscape grounds added together does not equal the damage which occurred last Saturday, November 13, 2010. I live just west of Hopkins in the western suburbs.   My little piece of heaven received over 20 inches of the very heavy wet stuff over about an 8 hour period.  Ten to fifteen trees and shrubs were shredded, stripped of lateral...

19 Oct 2010

Autumn Duties for the Landscape Gardener

What are the regular routines for the Landscape Gardener to maintain the home grounds in the best condition going into winter? Watering:   There is much debate over what the autumn to late autumn watering schedule should be for the Twin City area landscaped grounds.  Some 'professors' profess continued regular watering until the hard frosts; others suggest withholding water gradually to assist the plants hardening off for the cold misery of winter.  Plants here usually mean...

06 Feb 2010

Some Ornamental Trees Must Be Pruned in Late Winter

Remember, mid February to late March  is the best time of the year to prune your apple and crabapple, pear, plum and mountain ash trees.  All of thes fruit bearing woody plants are members of the rose family and are susceptible to a deadly bacterial disease, fireblight.  If pruned during the growing season, in spring especially, there is great risk for infection particularly if fireblight happens to be active in the neighborhood or if following your pruning,...

19 Aug 2009

Grooming The Landscape Garden

The landscape gardener is constantly evaluating the state of the gardened grounds. During these weeks of  tired summer there generally is more color throughout the grounds than at other seasnons.   Herbaceous plants are bigger, paths become narrower, and there is no space left for the chrysanthemums you were planning on buying to shore up the autumn look. This is a good time for grooming the garden.  Tools are needed.  Quality tools, not those cheaply made types.  Hand pruners,...

11 Aug 2009

To Prune or Not to Prune?

To prune or not to prune during late summer? Not in September, landscape gardeners. ...not unless you have no choice or the pruning will be very light.  We are refering to woody plants, of course. As a generalization, the best time to prune  your woody plants is in early spring......with the exceptions:  1) certain deciduous plants whose blooms you value and want to show off during the coming season,  and 2) certain evergreen conifers such as pine,...