29 Aug 2016

Gardens, Like People, Gain Character with AGE

"Gardens, like people, gain character with age" is a truism which, at least  in the dream of things, is TRUE.   In both cases good fortune is a necessity.   Both people and beautiful landscape gardens can be destroyed, ' killed ' by the same tornado, mud slide, flood, fire, or earthquake.  As a generalization, however,  the adage IS true, at least in the ideal. Both beautiful people and beautiful landscape gardens usually  need  help,...

28 Aug 2016

Why Do Metropolitcan Politicians, Bureaucrats Make Community Streets So Ugly?

My parents bought the house in which  I was raised in 1936 in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It was newly built on a "vacant"  lot of  the more prairie edges  of  the city south of Randolph, west of Fairview down to the Mississippi River itself.  "Civilized" American urban areas were developed post Civil War with the arrival  of European immigrants for the next forty years or so.   Scandinavians, Germans, and Czech went rural.  Slavs, Italians went Iron...

25 Aug 2016

WHAT, on Earth, IS A WEED?

Yes, what on Earth,IS a weed! Our governments and other fanatics who choose to  dictate human thoughts and moods these days, insist weeds are plant-like  things they've been programmed  to dislike in order to feel good.    These 'dictate' people are  indoor people...office people.....downtown people, usually government people  who live amid cement and asphalt.   If these people  are third or more generation Americans,  their grandparents were raised on a farm, not the street.....but they...

04 Aug 2016

Is There a Sunkist Arborvitae in Your Future?

Masterpiece Landscaping is a Twin City, Minnesota  artistic landscaping company nearing its 30th birthday.   We line up and plant  garden trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials  in rows only when artistically required to fit  formal settings or for some other special artistic display to inspire visitors. Landscape gardens, ideally,  should inspire the designer, the builder, and above all,   the home or business owners and their visitors whom we serve. It should never be forgotten,...

01 Aug 2016

Landscape Gardens, Like People, Gain Character With Age…..

......or, at least they should!    But, then, what is a landscape garden? It is not a vegetable, beer, or flower garden, that's for certain. A landscape garden, at its best, is the most honored of all human art forms.   Nearly every human  culture's paradise is perceived as a garden perfection,  therefore....a, THE,  Garden of Eden....a place of perfect harmony for the eye, body,  mind, and soul.   Its pieces are various collections and...

14 Jul 2016

The Disappearance of the Beautiful throughout Today’s American Art

Some things heard and/or seen are simply more beautiful than others.....in the eyes and ears of the normal, that is.....Psychotics live on a different planet 'normally'.   Beethoven's adagios make the recordings of noise at your local super market sound like dead skunks stink. No one listens to anything Beethoven anymore.    What is celebrated as music today  is  noise to the ear as the fragrance a well used summer  out house is to the...

04 Jul 2016

I was born to Landscape Garden

No one could have loved a career more than I, Glenn Herbert Ray, now approaching his 82nd year of life.   For you readers to bear "witness", it's 5:30 PM this moment as I sit at  the computer after spending ten straight hours "working" my landscaped home grounds to maintain and increase its beauty.   My cartilage-less knees are killing me at this moment.  It was this pain which put an end to my  today's...

13 May 2016

Spring, Minnesota, 2016

No year is ever a carbon copy of another.   No day in the life of an animal, including the human one, is a "carbon" copy of another.   Life is filled with errors and the unexpected , for WITHOUT ERRORS OF NATURE, LIFE, WHETHER PLANT OR ANIMAL WOULD NEVER CHANGE. I am in my 80s..... and began landscape gardening in my neighbor's sandbox about 75 years ago.   I have many memories of my...

02 May 2016

The Spring Landscape Garden is the Most Beautiful

The vast majority of urban and suburban  home owners and others who visit the outdoors rather often,  are not particularly interested in beautiful landscape gardens.    Such gardens  are too rare   to be found.  If ever found, they are usually limited to the back 'yard'. Not that there might not be well manicured grounds, well mowed lawns, a healthy tree or two implying a degree of neatness and care somewhere.    But where are...

25 Apr 2016

We at Masterpiece are Planning a Series of Classes….’THE ART OF LANDSCAPE GARDENING’…beginning May 7! Please Join us.

Landscape gardening is supposed to be  an art form......the most cherished of all art forms......for in nearly every human culture known, Paradise is a Landscape Garden! In the ideal,  landscape gardening is to the eye what Beethoven is to the ear.   Unfortunately in today's American culture, neither are practiced, neither seen nor heard.    At best we live in the noisy  aural world of Prince where the body is stimulated not the mind and...