16 Nov 2010

The November 13, 2010 Snowstorm

In the 36 years of living at my grounds all of the damage ever done to my landscape grounds added together does not equal the damage which occurred last Saturday, November 13, 2010. I live just west of Hopkins in the western suburbs.   My little piece of heaven received over 20 inches of the very heavy wet stuff over about an 8 hour period.  Ten to fifteen trees and shrubs were shredded, stripped of lateral...

25 Dec 2009

The Christmas Card Christmas

December 25, 2009....Merry Christmas everyone. What a beautiful two days of winter scenery....especially if you have planted some conifer trees on your grounds so they can mix with their  brethren naked this time of the year.  But there comes  a point where, like sugar, too much of something gets sickening or at least tiresome. Thirty plus inches of snow is quite beyond that point. I have just come into the house from my grounds where for...