In every topic of life there are potential problems with language.  I am a language aware person.  One of my favorite courses of study ever was trying to learn Latin in High School.  I learned to love words, their mysteries and meanings.

In landscape gardening we have troubles with the word “garden” and all its relatives.

“Landscape” gardening has meaning, but I am not certain very many Americans know how to define it.  Let’s try, “The art of Beautifying the grounds.”  This won’t work because there are so many con-artists in modern life throwing garbage all over the earth and call it “art”.  We live in modern times where in American life words don’t necessarily have to have meaning.  They are to be used in any way one has a feeling to use them.  Aren’t we Americans a free peoples?

So, “the art of Beautifying the grounds’ won’t work for people who really want to communicate knowledge…another rare thing in modern times.

How about, “the art of Beautifying the grounds with plants”?  Oh, I have always liked that art, “Beautifying the grounds with plants”, even when I was performing it long before I understood what it meant.  That is, what I was doing when playing in the sandbox as a child using arborvitae twigs as my trees.

At Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd.  we love what we do, but we don’t landscape in sandboxes, so something has to be added to the word “landscaping” and that is “garden”.

A garden may be a vegetable garden, a flower garden, a rose garden, and even a beer garden.

In its broadest terms expressed as an art, “a landscape ‘garden”‘ is a piece of land made beautiful by a clever arrangement of plants”.  I am proud to ‘blog’ that  we at Masterpiece Landscaping, Ltd. created this definition.

In one sentence,  “What plants do you put where and why did you do it”  we have described our challenge.

If you and I were to go on tour to study 21st century expressions of  the art of landscape “gardening” of our Twin City home and business grounds, I think we would turn to drink if “beauty” had any meaning at all. We would be depressed if we had a vocabulary to describe its violations as an expression of art.

At home grounds of structures built as houses over the past 40 years, the grounds “decorated” were planned as  after thoughts by the builder who had no money left for the art (or no art) of landscaping, and had no idea beyond University master plan one or University master plan two, guides to cover the Earth,which to this day still govern the habits of home owners when reviewing the look of their home grounds.

So many of our Masterpiece Landscaping Ltd. clients have become our regular, well, friends.  I live in a “landscape paradise”.  Wouldn’t you have a special place in your schedule for landscapers who created a “Paradise” in the grounds where you live?

Call us at 952-933-5777.   We shall show you what we mean by the Art of Landscaping and creating ones landcape “Paradise”.