We at Masterpiece would like to invite readers and friends to visit the Conifer Garden which we installed about eight years ago at Courage Center on Golden Valley Road in Golden Valley, MN. 

It is located at the South Entrance to the Center.  Spring is an exceptional time to visit the grounds.  The Leonard Messel Magnolia is now in full pink bloom.  The Redbud trees will begin their sharp pink-lavender blooms next week or so. 

Visitors will be amazed at the variety of colors, sizes  and textures of the evergreen conifers on display here.   Conifers are plants which bear cones.

There are three White Fir to be especially admired as well.   Check them out.  This tall evergreen, Abies concolor, should be used much more frequently in the Twin City area.

Write us ….let us know what you think of the garden….especially if you have any questions.

For inquiries please contact Mike Berg,  Joshua Perlich, Chris Ray, or Glenn Ray at Masterpiece at 952-933-5777.