For those of you who are especially interested in the Landscape Garden, you will learn more on this guided tour than just the names of plants.  You will discover some interesting features of the Landscape Garden which sets it aside from the Plant Display Gardens  one views everywhere.

When Minnesotans think of gardens, they think of displays  of flowers and occasionally a few shrubs.  Blooms are the mainstays of these  plots.  Often such “gardens” occur in the back yard or these days, as foundation plantings in the front as well.  They are to be viewed only and therefore they become two dimentional. 

Landscape Gardens are to be enterred.  The skill in the design generally is to lure the visitor and control what is to be seen and felt.

As a rule flower gardens are a female habit.  Gals love color and many are very particular about particular colors.   Guys are generally more interested in form with color supporting form.  One of the reasons, surely, is due to the fact so many human males have an assortment of color distinguishing problems.  Some are badly colorblind. 

The tour will begin just west of Hopkins.   There is no charge, but a donation to Courage Center will be appreaciated.   Call  at 612-919-5200 or the Masterpiece Office at 952-933-5777 for reservations and further details.

There are some folks who believe the landscape garden is limited to areas with large grounds.  This is not the case.  At least two of the settings we will be visiting will be typical city lots. 

This is also the time those of you who seek living amid beauty must think about planting for the winter landscape garden.  You’ll certainly want to join us on the tour.