This has been a difficult Spring thus far…..wet, cold, windy, following a long, long, Winter….thawless until midMarch.

So what  does May 10 have to do with the complaining?

May 10 is the average date of the last frost of the cold season in the Twin City, Minnesota area….How is that for good news!

Keep in mind that October 10 is the average date of the first frost of the coming cold season each year.

Experts outside of the political world are forecasting we are entering a 60-70 year cooling period.

All of my more adult life I have been rooting for a horticultural climate zone 5 for where I live……just west of Minneapolis.    In my lifetime we made it from zone 4 to almost 5 with the inner cities themselves both zone 5 for about a decade, the ideal garden environment in my view.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse.   It’s hard to love your countryside when only the tamarack, alder  and box elder  are the trees of choice.