It is always the case that beautiful gardens must be seen most often at their very best……for the year, anyway.

In Minnesota, today’s garden quickly disappears into another piece of scenery never again to be seen in the form and beauty just witnessed.   The Sun, the light of our landscape garden stage, thank heaven, never stops  featuring Earth’s exquisite beauty or squalor, for that matter.

Gardens, like people, gain character with age.

Our 2011 Minnesota version of Spring is somewhat unusual or ‘old-fashioned’, some would claim.  It has been short, rainy, cloudy, threatening and cool.    Such combinations from the ordinary rearrange the times plants show their best……which almost always is in Spring when every living plant in resurrected into a renewed form.

In our Masterpiece Landscape Garden at 14624 Woodhill Terrace in Minnetonka, more color is peaking in a shorter time period.   Usually the maximum color and form of the new Spring occurs the last weekend in May.   And so, we opened the grounds to visitors.   But we missed this peak by a weekend.

Barring hail, tornado or tsunami, the grounds will be at their most beautiful EVER this weekend, ie., tomorrow and Sunday.   Please come and visit.  Hours open to the public will be from 11am to 5pm on Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th.

Instructions to the location are explained in the previous blog article.   Thank you….see you this weekend.   glenn