“Beethovem is to the EAR what a Beautiful Landscape Garden is to the EYE.

If they are to be enjoyed to their fullest, they must be allowed to enter the privacy of your thoughts and emotions to allow reflections of life and its beauty to enter your soul.

One of my very favorite, indeed, perhaps my favorite mood piece to perceive aurally  to  blend into   my visual landscape garden inspiration,  is Beethoven’s adagio  movement to his Spring Sonata.

Try it yourself if only for its beauty, and then again and again before you think about  anything but its own beauty and why it is so moving.    You will need only your daily vocabulary to open your mind to move to the next experience.


It was my son, Andrew, who directed me to appreciate  this Sonata a few years ago.

Other Beethoven creations to follow are the second movements to the 5th piano concerto, the 3rd piano concerto, and the Beethoven violin concerto fpr starters/