The human genesis  on the Earth of  our day  originally  ‘arrived’ from a garden in our wonderful JudeoChristian religious teachings;  from  the  jungle in the more accurate scientific  vernacular.    This  we do know from the messages provided by genetics, geology, etc,etc.     It is amazing how accurately  the first chapters so artistically written in English of the King James Version of the JudeoChristian Bible fit the scientific understandings.

There are many kinds of gardens….vegetable, flower, shrub,  beer, and countless  spreads  called   Landscaped Gardens to decorate something or another living or  man made….in which vegetation is the primary tool.

The ideal Landscaped Garden is a garden  which inspires the visitor,  suggesting  to the visitor the trials of life beyond its entry will become happily  forgotten when visited.

The origin of its most successful  plan arises from ones soul….Does anyone these days  remember  what ‘soul’ means?

Among the ugliest  such  Gardens, are those  ‘designed’, planted,  and/or  ‘maintained’, by  government and its universities,  projects designed, planted  without soul, without beauty.

“Beauty” in  these days of irreligiosity,  is  programmed  to be a religious word, an insulting word in the lands of political correctness.  “If something is beautiful, it is suggested,  something else is either less beautiful, or perhaps even ugly”  which may, will destroy ones building of  self esteem or at least, cause bad feelings.

Some Landscaped gardens are just more beautiful than others…and for many reasons….design, maintenance, fragrance, color, mood, harmony, size, textural  relationships……all the result of the Landscaped Garden artist’s control of where visitors’  eyes (especially the artist’s)  should travel, and when they  concentrate with the countless  arrangements of plants and their features.

Below is a listing of some words a beginning landscape garden artist-to-be might practice imagining how each might be applied when plotting to create  this most popular visual art form of them all.

Color, shape, height, width, depth,  privacy, focus,  line, texture, pattern, number, weight, repetition, harmony, rhythm, shadow, space, contrast, movement, spread, memory, feel, quietude,  lure….and so on…..I list as a few.